About our Sport

Pentathlon GB is the national governing body for the Olympic sport of modern pentathlon in Great Britain. We also hold events in modern biathlon, modern triathlon, modern tetrathlon, biathle, triathle and laser-run. Find out more about each of these formats below.

Modern Pentathlon

Modern pentathlon comprises five diverse sports: swimming, fencing, riding, running and shooting. Each discipline is held separately, apart from running and shooting, which are held together in a challenging and exciting combined laser-run (formally known as the combined run-shoot), the final discipline of the competition.

Competitors gain modern pentathlon points across each discipline, resulting in a handicapped start for the laser-run. The winner of the competition is the person who gains the most points across all 5 disciplines. Thanks to the handicap start in the laser-run, the winner is simply the first person to cross the finish line.

Modern pentathlon is the only Pentathlon GB sport to be competed at the Olympics and there are World Championships and European Championships held annually.

Modern Biathlon

Modern biathlon involves swimming and running. The modern biathlon series of competitions involves over 6500 athletes each year and is a great starting point for anyone wishing to get involved in an exciting multi-discipline sporting environment.

Preliminary competitions for the modern biathlon series are held throughout Great Britain with the series culminating with the British Modern Biathlon Championships and British Schools' Modern Biathlon Championships.

Modern Triathlon

Many of our Pentathlon GB Regions hold modern triathlons, providing a great opportunity to gain competition experience (particularly in the combined laser-run discipline) for the British Modern Triathlon Championships which is held annually.

Internationally, competitions for the Under 17 age group are organised in the modern triathlon format.

Modern Tetrathlon

Modern tetrathlon involves swimming, fencing, running and shooting, with the running and shooting performed as a combined laser-run. The British Modern Tetrathlon Championships are held annually.

Many Modern pentathlon competitions held on a local, regional and national basis in Great Britain will have the option for athletes to compete in a tetrathlon for those who do not want to ride but wish to gain competition experience.

Internationally, competitions for the Under 19 age group are organised in the modern tetrathlon format.


Biathle involves swimming and running in a continuous run/swim/run format. The event begins with a pack start and there is a transition zone between the run and swim. The swim is often in open water and there are many events held throughout Great Britain each year, including a British Championship.


Triathle involves shooting, swimming and running in a continuous shoot/swim/run format. The event begins with a pack start and there is a transition zone between the run and swim.

The swim may be in open water and Pentathlon GB first held a Triathle in 2016. The British Triathle Championship is now an annual fixture on the calendar.


Laser-run involves shooting and running with the first person to cross the line the winner. Each run is preceded by a shoot and the format is the latest addition to our portfolio of sports.

The first laser-run in Great Britain was held in late 2016 and in 2017, we will be hosting three UIPM City Tours and the inaugural British Laser Run Championships, the perfect opportunity to try out this fast-faced, dynamic sport.