Biathlon Series of Competitions

British Modern Biathlon Series 2015 - 2016

 Schools Biathlon 2010

Modern Pentathlon is a multi-discipline sport that consists of the five contemporary and diverse disciplines of fencing, swimming, riding plus a combined run and shoot.

Not everybody is able to compete in the full Modern Pentathlon, so we organise competitions in the following formats to give opportunities for athletes of all ages, abilities and levels of fitness to get involved in a safe and enjoyable environment:

  • Modern Biathlon swim - run
  • Biathle continuous run-swim-run
  • Modern Triathlon swim - combined run/shoot
  • Modern Tetrathlon swim - fence - combined run/shoot
  • Modern Pentathlon swim - fence - ride - combined run/shoot

The British Modern Biathlon series of competitions are a great starting point for athletes wishing to get involved in an exciting multi-discipline sporting environment and are organised to encourage as many children as possible to take part. The Modern Biathlon consists of a separate swim and run for all age groups with the distances depending on the competitor’s age.

Competitors run and swim times are converted to points, with the final positions being decided by the total number of points achieved overall after both disciplines.

There is also a team element to the competition as the three top scoring individuals in each age group from the same Club or School count as a team. A Club or School can have more than one team in an age group.

British Modern Biathlon Championships

The British Modern Biathlon Championships is a competition for all age groups (including athletes over the age of 19 and Masters).

British Schools' Modern Biathlon Championships

The British Schools' Modern Biathlon Championships is a competition for all school age athletes (including athletes who are ‘home taught’) and their teachers, whatever their educational background.

Preliminary Competitions

To qualify for either or both of the two Biathlon Championships, athletes should enter one of the preliminary competitions being organised between 19th September and 1st December.

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