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British Biathletes Dominate in Portugal Monday, 21st Jul 2014 Howard Jones

In a very suny Setubal in Portugal, a team of 86 athletes showed the rest of Europe what a force the Brits are in Biathle. The Parque Urbano de Albarquel hosted the European Biathle Championships for the second consecutive year and the GBR team grabbed a total of 32 medals, 14 gold, 12 silver and 6 bronze.

The first final of the day, the Youth E girls set the benchmark for the remainder of the competition with  Eve Jones, Poppy Clark and Madelaine Cooper taking first, second and third respectively. Kieron Mutch and Alex Painter then went on to take gold and silver in the boys race.

The Youth D Races saw wins for Martine Scott and Luke van Oudtshoorn with Oliver Smart and Jack Goodman taking silver and bronze. There was also a 1 - 2 finish in the Youth C girls race courtesy of excellent perfomances from Eleanor Jones and Madelaine Deadman.

Two more wins in the Youth B races were earned by Caitlin Woskia and Bradley Sutton with Harrson Yarnold finishing a close second. The Youths A races were dominated by Italy and Portugal but not to be outdone, Matthew Crew finished in a well earned second place and in the girls race second and third went to India Mellor and Phyllida Britton.

Harry Lane ran a perfect race to take the win in the Junior mens category and Naomi Drakeford finished second in the Junior Ladies race. Rachel Jones also finished second in the Senior Ladies race.

The Masters Races are always a source of medals for Great Britain and this year it was no different with wins for Emma Fisher (A), Barbara Holmes and Steve Luff  (B) Mary Collett and John Hiil (C) and Peter Collett (D). James Greenwell and Mike Weed took silver and bronze in Masters A, Nicola Quinlan silver in the Masters B, Margaret Smith silver in Masters C and Kay Evans bronze in Masters A,

Another very successful foray into Europe for the British team who now travel to Salford for the National Championships and consider the possibilty of selection for the World Championships in Guatemala..


  Youth E Girls
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Eve Jones 04:32.8
2 Great Britain Poppy Clark 04:49.9
3 Great Britain Madeline Cooper 04:52.5
5 Great Britain Anya Snowball 05:11.4
6 Great Britain Ruby Smith 05:14.2
7 Great Britain Charlotte Taylor 05:22.8
  Youth E Boys
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Kieron Mutch 04:26.3
2 Great Britain Alex Painter 04:29.2
3 Spain Jano Arias 04:42.9
5 Great Britain Joe Ashworth 04:53.5
6 Great Britain Jake Fisher 04:57.8
11 Great Britain James Hulme 05:10.5
13 Great Britain Josh Cobb 05:26.2
  Youth D Girls
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Martine Scott 04:22.9
2 Russia Ekaterina Galukhina 04:29.3
3 Italy Valeria Ceccato 04:29.8
6 Great Britain Daisy Davies 04:36.7
7 Great Britain Ciara Blount 04:43.4
10 Great Britain Rebeca Wren 04:47.3
12 Great Britain Daisy Evans 04:50.2
13 Great Britain Isabelle Woodman 04:52.4
  Youth D Boys
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Luke Van Oudtshoorn 04:05.9
2 Great Britain Oliver Smart 04:16.2
3 Great Britain Jack Goodman 04:20.4
4 Great Britain Aurelio Calipa 04:21.3
6 Great Britain Conor Jelley 04:30.4
12 Great Britain Sampson Akerman 04:52.7
  Youth C Girls
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Eleanor Jones 05:10.0
2 Great Britain Madeline Deadman 05:15.5
3 Italy Giada Romano 05:29.4
4 Great Britain Elsa Palmer 05:34.8
6 Great Britain Kizzy price 05:44.0
7 Great Britain Elizabeth Tolley 05:46.4
8 Great Britain Connie Mousey 05:51.3
  Youth C Boys
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Portugal João Valido 04:46.2
2 Portugal José Pedro Vieira 04:52.2
3 Portugal Ricardo Batista  04:52.5
5 Great Britain Frederick Geen 05:03.4
9 Great Britain Guy Tucker 05:16.1
10 Great Britain Shea Hannam 05:17.6
18 Great Britain Jack White 05:35.5
  Youth B Girls
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Caitlan Wosika 09:36.2
2 Portugal Maria Migueis Teixeira 09:40.3
3 Great Britain Georgie Hannam 09:47.8
4 Great Britain Alexandra Withey 10:08.4
6 Great Britain Kierra Tippett 10:20.0
7 Great Britain Rosie Smith 10:25.5
9 Great Britain Olivia Lowe 10:39.4
    Youth B Boys  
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Bradley Sutton 08:38.4
2 Great Britain Harrison Yarnold 08:42.2
3 Portugal André Cruz 08:52.2
7 Great Britain Jamie Price 09:12.2
9 Great Britain Christopher Luff 09:30.3
11 Great Britain Joshua Brennan 09:52.1
12 Great Britain Tom Holmes 09:56.9
14 Great Britain Thomas Bawden 10:20.8
  Youth A Girls
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Italy Marica Romano 14:12.8
2 Great Britain India Mellor 14:20.9
3 Great Britain Phyllida Britton 14:31.1
4 Great Britain Bryony Martel 14:36.9
8 Great Britain Emily Moss 15:39.8
  Youth A Boys
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Portugal João Pereira 12:02.3
2 Great Britain Matthew Crew 12:30.6
3 Portugal Luis Lopes 12:41.3
4 Great Britain Matthew Cook 12:46.4
5 Great Britain Jamie Harper 13:14.6
6 Great Britain James Braimbridge 13:36.6
10 Great Britain Louis Evans 14:19.8
11 Great Britain Ryan Flaherty 14:22.3
  Junior Ladies
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Italy Nicole Campaner 13:56.8
2 Great Britain Naomi Drakeford 13:57.3
3 Czech Rep. Eliska Pribylova 14:23.7
5 Great Britain Ella Dobson 14:48.4
6 Great Britain Hannah Parkinson 14:53.4
11 Great Britain Emma Pearce 17:06.6
  Junior Men
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Harry Lane 12:02.9
2 Czech Rep. Ondrej Svechota 12:09.9
3 Spain Juan Ojanguren 12:23.9
6 Great Britain Jordan Mounsey 12:41.8
9 Great Britain Adam Weightman 12:54.4
  Senior Ladies
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Italy Clara Maria Cesarini 14:00.7
2 Great Britain Rachel Jones 14:11.2
3 Italy Francesca Gandolfo 15:04.7
4 Great Britain Kathy Wellam 15:21.3
  Senior Men
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Spain Sergio Llano Correa 11:39.4
2 Italy Andrea Micalizzi 11:56.1
3 Spain Jaime Garrido 11:58.6
  Master Ladies A
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Emma Fisher 09:27.1
2 Italy Elena Jaccheri 10:15.2
3 Great Britain Kay Evans 10:53.6
7 Great Britain Laura Bratt 12:43.5
  Master Men A
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Germany Andreas Harms 08:42.0
2 Great Britain James Greenwell 09:04.8
3 Great Britain Mike Weed 09:44.8
4 Great Britain Simon Tippett 10:03.1
6 Great Britain John Tighe 10:41.0
12 Great Britain Martin Dicker 13:05.1
    Master Ladies B  
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Barbara Holmes 10:16.0
2 Great Britain Nicola Quinlan 11:43.0
3 Germany Barbara Oettinger 12:28.0
4 Great Britain Sarah Robert 13:37.0
    Master Men B  
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Steven Luff 09:23.0
2 Spain Javier Camero 09:31.0
3 Germany Hans-Jorg Kuck 09:37.0
6 Great Britain Andrew Price 09:52.0
11 Great Britain Chris Spooner 11:49.0
  Master Ladies C
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Mary Collett 12:04.9
2 Great Britain Margaret Smith 13:37.6
  Master Men C
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain John Hill 10:10.1
2 Spain Jose Munoz 11:15.6
3 Spain Miguel Ortiz de Guinea 13:55.0
  Master Men D
Pos Team Athlete Time
1 Great Britain Peter Collett 11:09.1
Great Britain Team ready for the European Biathle Championships Saturday, 19th Jul 2014 Howard Jones

The  86 strong team of Biathletes pictured in the Parque Urbano de Albarquel, Setubal, before last minute preparations to face strong teams from Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Turkey and Portugal for the2014 European Biathle Championships.

British Biathle Success in Germany Sunday, 6th Jul 2014 Eleanor Guest

A 43 strong Biathle team traveled to the City of Erding to compete in the 4th Biathle World Tour of 2014. The beautiful setting of Kronthaler Weiher lake provided for the swim with the run on the surrounding parkland for the second time in three years.

The first Races, Youth F, provided the teams first successes with a win for Bea Stanton and a second place for Orlando Clark. The Youth E races gave the team more success with wins for Poppy Clark and Jake Fisher and a second place for James Hulme.

A clean sweep of medals for the team in the youth D boys courtesy of Ryan Symington, Connor Jelley and Fred Fisher. Elizabeth Tolley and Hannah Stanton took gold and silver in the Youth C Girls Race. Bradley Sutton showed a clean pair of heels to the opposition in the Youth B Boys race and India Cooper, Olivia Manson and Leanne Symington took all the medals in the Girls Race.

Matthew Cook won the Youth A Boys race with Ryan Flaherty third. Harry Lane and Adam Weightman took gold and silver and Hannah Parkinson was second  in the Junior races to contine the team's run of success. Victory on the Senior Ladies race went to Rachel Jones.

In the Masters Races there were wins for Emma Fisher (A), Mary Collett (C) and Peter Collett (D). James Greenwell (A) and Michael Covell (C) were second and Margaret Smith (C) was placed third.

The team won a total  of 25 medals, 12 gold, 8 silver and five bronze and excellent performance and congratulations to the whole team.


Youth F: 1st Bea Stanton 2:55.8, 2nd Orlando Clark 3:17.9

Youth E: 1st Jake Fisher 4:49.4, 2nd James Hulme 5:07.6, 1st Poppy Clark 4:53.9.

Youth D: 1st Ryan Symington 4:16.1, 2nd Conner Jelley 4:24.8, 3rd Jake Fisher 4:35.2. 5th Jessica Hudson 4:47.1, 8th Catherine Tolley 4:52.7, 9th Rachel Hatherall 5:01.8, 10th Elektra Covell 5:02.1.

Youth C: 1st Elizabeth Tolly 5:04.9, 3rd Hannah Stanton 5:18.2, 5th Portia Manson 5:20.1, 6th Jessica Sutton 5:23.2, 7th Connie Baker 5:25.1, 12th Lucy Anderson 5:34.6, 13th Poppy Boyden 5:40.5.

Youth B: 1st Bradley Sutton 8:55.1, 1st India Cooper 10:36.1, 2nd Olivia Manson 10:38.0, 3rd Leanne Symington 10:48.1, 5th Georgie Lane 11:04.4, 8th Olivia Lowe 11:20.2, 10th Daisy Liddle 12:03.2.

Youth A: 1st Matthew Cook 12:25.8, 3rd Ryan Flaherty 14:33.4. dnf Bryony Martel.

Juior: 1st Harry Lane 11:59.5, 2nd Adam Weightman 12:30.6. 2nd Hannah Parkinson 14:13.3

Senior: 1st Rachel Jones 13:45.1

Master A: 1st Emma Fisher 8:52.5, 2nd James Greenwell 8:16.3, 4th Mike Weed 9:30.3

Master B: 4th William Statemeir 10:13.7, 5th Mark Fisher 10:23.2. 10th Mick Flaherty 11:40.1.

Master C: 2nd Michael Covell 12:06.8, 1st Mary Collett 11:44.1, 3rd Margaret Smith 13:11.5.

Master D: 1st Peter Collett 11:38.3 


Conner Jelly and Ryan Symington in eth Youths D race






Head Office is Moving!! Monday, 23rd Jun 2014 Eleanor Guest

On 25 June the Head Office of Pentathlon GB will be moving.  Whilst we will remain on the University of Bath campus, our address will change to:

22/23 Eastwood

University of Bath



The office will be closed from 25 - 27 June to enable us to move and set up the new offices, you can still send e-mails to and we will endeavour to answer queries as soon as possible.