If a competition has to be cancelled for any reason, notification will be posted on this website as soon as the decision has been made.

If a qualifying competition organised by the Pentathlon GB Regions is cancelled for whatever reason, all entered competitors will have their submitted run and swim times added to the rankings list for the British Championships.

If a competition organised by Pentathlon GB or its regions is cancelled for reasons within our control, each athlete entered into that competition will be offered an alternative competition (where possible) and in default a full refund.

If the decision to cancel is made because of circumstances beyond the control of Pentathlon GB, e.g. adverse weather conditions or the strong possibility of adverse weather conditions, there will be no refund.

Competitors entering time trials or competitions organised by third parties should check the cancellation policy with the competition organiser.

If you are concerned about cancellation, we suggest that you consider insurance against loss in the event of cancellation.

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ page. If this does not resolve your query please do not hesitate to contact our Head Office on 01225 386808.