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Batumi Proves the Toughest Biathle, World Championships Yet Thursday, 24th Sep 2015 Howard Jones

With over 500 athletes from 28 Countries, the 17th Biathle World Championships held in Batumi Georgia was to be the biggest yet.

The GBR team started the day with Sophie Izon claiming 5th place in the straight final of the Youth E Girls race. The Youth E Boys entry was such that heats and finals were required and Jamie Robinson 7th in heat 1, Christo Chilton and Jack Amor 1st and 4th in heat 2 qualified for the finals. Rocco Taylor in 14th place missed out on a finals place.

Heats were required for the Youth D Girls. Poppy Clark, Oliva Herron and Rebecca Wren, 2nd, 4th and 5th in heat 1 and Sophie Mabbs, Ciara Blount and Georgie Tombs, 5th, 6th and 7th in heat 2 all qualified for the finals.

The Youth D Boys Heats were contested by Jayden Daniels 1st and Ryan Symington 3rd in heat 1 and Charlie Hobson 3rd and Ben Nealon 4th in the second heat and all qualified for the finals. Elsa Palmer and Sarah Wilson 2nd and 3rd in the Youth C Girls Heat 1 qualified for the final as did Daisy Anderson 6th in heat 2. Emily Blount’s time for 8th place in heat 2 was just one second out of qualifying.

In the tough Youth C Heats Shea Hannam 4th in heat 1 and Robert Croager 6th in heat 2 qualified but Charlie Madden 9th in heat 1. JJ Robins 14th in heat 1 and Alex Chilton 16th in heat 2 missed out.

The second final of the day, the Youth B Girls Race, Elizabeth Tolley claimed 6th place, Lilyella Harland-Fairweather 11th, Oliva Manson 13th and Olivia Lowe 14th. The leading trio taking the bronze team medals.

Back to heats for the Youth B Boys and with 20 in each heat, qualifying was not going to be easy. The first heat saw Matthew McCarthy’s 7th place through to the final but Charlie Goriup’s 11th place was not enough. Heat 2 saw both Michael Sallis and James McCarthy 6th and 7th through to the final.

The British team’s first individual medal of the day was won by Georgia Hannam with a tremendous performance to finish second on the Youth A Girls race behind Russia’s Irina Sukhainskaia. Georgina Kemp finished in 11th place. Matthew Griffiths just missed out on a medal in 4th place in the Youths A Boys race and with Elliott Laville 11th and Ryan Flaherty 20th took the Bronze team medals.

In the Junior Races, Georgina Howard-Weston was 5th and Adam Weightman finished 8th. Rachel Jones and Gregan Clarkson just missed out on medals with 4th places the Senior races. Kathy Wellam was 6th and Gareth Allen 9th.

Peter Collett collected Great Britain’s second individual medal with a third place in the Masters D Race. James Greenwell equalled that with another bronze in the Masters A Race ably supported by Tony Weed 5th and John Tighe 7th for the Team silver medals. Kypros Harrison finished in 8th. Another set of Silver team medals went to Mark Palmer 5th, Steve Luff 6th and Richards Wallace 7th in the Master B Race. The Masters C Ladies took individual and team gold with a win from Mary Collett, Margaret Smith 4th and Suzanne Clarkson 5th. More Gold in the Masters A Ladies Race with a win from Claire Forbes and a silver for Mary Blount.

The finals of the earlier heats produced a tremendous finish in the Youth E race with Christo Chilton overhauling South Africa’s Shaw Taylor on the line to take the win and with Jack Amor 6th and Jamie Robinson 8th took the silver team medals.

More individual medals in the Youth D Final with Charlie Hobson 2nd and Ryan Symington third. Jayden Daniels was 4th and Ben Nealon 5th, the first three taking Team Gold. With a full complement of six girls in the Youth D Final there were high hopes for a team medals and with Poppy Clark 6th, Ciara Blount 8th and Sophie Mabbs 9th, team silver was assured. There was also good packing from Georgia Tombs 10th, Rebecca Wren 11th and Olivia Herron 12th

More success followed in the Youth C Girls Final with a tremendous win for Sarah Wilson, closely followed in by Elsa Palmer in second. Daisy Anderson who had an unfortunate trip during the race finished a creditable 13th and helped the team to the Gold medals. Shea Hannam and Robert Croager gained 6th and 11th places in the Youth C Boys Final.

The last race of a hectic and very full day was the Youth B Boys final with Matthew and James McCarthy and Michael Sallis finishing in 13th, 14th and 15th places for team bronze.

So the 17th Biathle World Championships were over and the teams look to regroup in Florida on 2nd September 2016 for the 18th event. Well done to the whole GB team who, as usual performed at the highest standard against some of the strongest competition in Biathle yet.

British Biathlete World Beaters in Portugal Saturday, 18th Jul 2015 Howard Jones

The third Biathle World Tour of the year took place under the hot Portuguese sun in Setubal’s Parc Urbano de Albarquel.

GB’s dominance of the World Tour continued with a clean sweep of medals in the first Youth E race courtesy of Freya Gregory, Macey Barrett and Hannah Carter, The Boys race provided GB with a silver medal for Jack Amor.

The youths D races provided more GB success another clean sweep of medals for Abie White, Georgia Tombs and Rebecca Wren. The same dominant performance in the boys’ race with medals for Oliver Smart, Daniel Galloway and Finn Pardy. 

Connie Mounsey secured a fine silver in the Youths C Girls race with George Case and Edward Smart 2nd and 3rd in the largest field of the day, the Youth C Boys race. Alexandra Withey and Stephanie Cummins took gold and silver in the Youth B Girls race and Charlie Cooper took the bronze medal in the Boys B race.

Kate Offord took an emphatic win in the Youths A Girls Race from Georgina Kemp in second place. Natalie Green took second place and a silver medal in the Junior Ladies Race and silver medal.

Rachel Jones won the Senior Ladies race and Gareth Allen was third in the very strong senior men’s race.

Great Britain are usually very strong in the Masters’ races and there were wins for Claire Forbes (Master A) and Margaret Smith (Master C) and silver medal for James Greenwell (Master A).

The Great Britain team of 69 Biathletes competing against a field of over 260 competitors take home a total of 24 medals, 8 gold, 10 silver and 6 bronze – congratulations to them all.


Youths E Girls: 1st Freya Gregory 5:08.27, 2nd Macey Barrett 5:10.89. 3rd Hannah Carter 5:12.49, 4th Melissa Cooper 5:22.9, 7th Isla Gregory 5:48.01

Youth E Boys:  2nd Jack Amor 4:59.13, 5th James Carr 5:18.06, 6th Bert Papworth 5:22.07

Youth D Girls: 1st Abbie White 4:36.43, 2nd Georgia Tombs 4:4.14, 3rd Rebecca Wren 4:48.77, 5th Jessica Hudson 5:05.73, 6th Alexandra Palotai-Avella, 8th Annabel Denton 5:07.63, 9th Kai Snell 5:12.87, 10th Georgia Gussey 5:17.10, 11th Charlotte Taylor 5:19.33, 14th Lillyella Amor 5:30.69, 15th Tabitha Samouelle 5:31.17, 16th Elektra Covell 5:35.51

Youth D Boys: 1st Oliver Smart 4:20.54, 2nd Daniel Galloway4:26.28, 3rd Finn Pardy 4:26.78, 4th Charlie Cook 4:39.09, 5th Ajay Coombes 4:31.58, 8th  Wiliam Carr 4:44.48, 9th Josh Dreelan 4:55.44

Youth C Girls: 2nd Connie Mounsey 5:26.75, 5th Amy Northam 5:33.95, 6th Poppy Boyden 5:39.14, 7th Emily Blount 5:41.60, 10th Leontine Forbes 6:01.55

Youth C Boys: 2nd George Case 5:04.36, 3rd Edward Smart 5:11.96, 4th Ben Winterburn 5:17.40, 7th Charlie Madden 5:47.14, 10th Archie Williams 5:54.66

Youth B Girls: 1st Alexandra Withey 9:47.52, 2nd Stephanie Cummins 9:56.06, 4th Elizabeth Tolley 10:17.15, 5th Olivia Manson 10:20.34, 6th Lillyella Harland-Fairweather 10:25.28, 7th Emma Livingstone 10:32.17, 8th Jessica Sutton 10:42.30

Youth B Boys: 3rd Charlie Cooper 9:09.10, 6th Jack White 9:41.51, 9th Jack Turner 9:52.34, 10th Matthew Yates 9:54.87, 12th Charlie Samouelle 10:01.77, 15th Thomas Bawden 10:31.61

Youth A Girls: 1st Kate Offord 14:23.59, 2nd Georgina Kemp 15:07.19, 4th Georgie Lane 16:13.73

Youth A Boys: 5th Jack Ayling 12:40.65, 8th Bradley Sutton 13:01.25, 10th Harrison Yarnold 13:07.65, 12th George Claverley 113:41.40, 13th Ryan Flaherty 14:09.39

Junior Women: 2nd Natalie Green 15:17.91       Junior Men: 5th Chris Harris 14:09.96

Senior Ladies: 1st Rachel Jones 14:15.59             Senior Men: 3rd Gareth Allen 13:25.15

Master A Ladies: 1st Claire Forbes 10:22.24

Master A Men: 2nd James Greenwell 9:00.84, 4th Thomas Manson 9:49.52, 5th Tony Weed 9:53.47, 6th John Tighe 10:28.79

Master C Ladies: 1st Margaret Smith 15:41.10

Join The Friendly Sport - Be A Part of the Pentathlon GB Volunteer Team Tuesday, 16th Jun 2015 Eleanor Guest

Pentathlon GB is the national governing body for the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon which involves five disciplines; fencing, swimming, riding, running and shooting.  We are a passionate and enthusiastic team, committed to raising the profile of the Modern Pentathlon and with major ambitions to grow the sport at grassroots level: to help us do this we are looking to recruit Volunteer Local Coordinators and Volunteer Mentors to help us put our new volunteer strategy into action.

Volunteer Mentors

We are looking to recruit a team of Volunteer Mentors who have modern pentathlon technical knowledge and event expertise.  As volunteers progress in the sport they require someone to lend them a hand and show them the ropes. Often people do this informally and without knowing they are providing mentoring. For the sport to grow and have a long term future we need to share and spread this technical expertise and help our volunteers become the experts of the future.

You can find out more about this role at the job description here.

Volunteer Local Coordinators

We would like to recruit a team of nine Volunteer Local Coordinators to help recruit, develop, coordinate and manage volunteers at regional and grass roots level.  This new role acting as Volunteer Local Coordinator is vital for the future growth and success of the sport.

You can find out more about this role at the job description here.

Could this be you?

Benefits to volunteering in these roles:

  • The altruistic benefit of helping others through sport.
  • Great social interaction and being part of a supportive and diverse team.
  • A new experience of volunteering – helping other volunteers.
  • Developing new skills including interpersonal skills, and managing and co-ordinating people.
  • Attending a training briefing with likeminded people with expenses paid. Save the date – 25 July 2015 at a central location.
  • CV building and gaining sports development or volunteer development related experience.
  • Raised profile and an acknowledged contribution in the organisation.


Some or our current volunteers have said 'Pentathlon events are a breath of fresh air', 'I've made lots of new friends from all over the UK bu volunteering with Pentathlon GB' and 'I get such a diverse experience at your events'.

If you would like to know more about the Volunteer Mentor role please contact Sue Hyde, National Competitions and Events Manager and for the Volunteer Local Coordinator please contact Rebecca Gibson, National Development Manager

If you’re keen to join the team then please e-mail your CV along with a covering note telling us which role you are keen to fulfil and why to by Tuesday 30 June 2015.

Biathle success under the hot sun Monday, 8th Jun 2015 Howard Jones

A team of 48 Biathletes braved the unusually hot 36+ degrees of Cascina to compete in the second World Tour event of the year.  Teams from Germany Austria Hungary Czech Republic Mexico Argentina as well as the hosts and our team competed under the hot sun.

The Brits came away with a total of 29 medals and the overall team trophy. Winners were Gregan Clarkson and Rachel Jones (Seniors), Estella Depierre (Youth C), Poppy Clark (Youth D), Harriet Hillman and Jamie Robinson (Youth E), James Greenwell and Claire Forbes (Master A), Mary Collett (Master C) and  Peter Collett (Master D).

Jessica Manning (youth B), Josh Dreelan and Rebecca Wren (Youth D), Kitty Marvin and Max Dangerfield (Youth E). Tony Weed (Master A), and David Manning and Margaret Smith (Master C) were silver medal winners

Bronze medal winners were Gareth Allen (Senior), Bradley Sutton (Youth A), Lilyella Harland Fairweather and Matthew McCarthy (Youth B), Rachel Hatherall (Youth C), Georgia Tombs (Youth D), Archie Macer and Hannah carter (Youth E), Jessica Allen (Youth F), Mike Weed (Master A) and Suzanne Clarkson (Master C).


Complete Results

Youth F

3rd Jessica Allen 3:00

4th Mille Cooper 3:02

Youth E

1st Harriet Hillman 4:40

2nd Kitty Marvin 4:47

3rd Hannah Carter 4:52

4th Holly Johnson 4:59

1st Jamie Robinson 4:38

2nd Max Dangerfield 4:48

3rd Archie Macer 4:57

4th Rocco Taylor 5:07

Youth D

1st Poppy Clark 4:15

2nd Rebecca Wren 4:18

3rd Georgia Tombs 4:19

5th Millie Porter 4:31

6th Annabel Denton 4:38

7th Charlotte Taylor 4:44

8th Vivien Taylor 4:45

9th Hetty James 4:47

10th Sophie Wilson 4:55

2nd Josh Dreelan 4:17

4th James Hulme 4:31

Youth C

1st Estella Depierre 5:02

3rd Rachel Hatherall 5:10

7th Charlie Madden 5:04

8th Archie Williams 5:06

Youth B

2nd Jessica Manning 9:45

3rd Lilyella Harland-Fairweather 9:48

5th India Cooper 10:06

6th Kimberley Balcombe 10:28

7th Jessica Sutton 10:43

3rd Matthew McCarthy 9:13

5th James McCarthy 9:23

Youth A

3rd Bradley Sutton 12:47

5th Jack Ayling 13:01

6 George Claverley 13:18


1st Rachel Jones 13:37

1st Gregan Carkson 11:54

3rd Gareth Allen 12:24

Master A

1st Claire Forbes 8:45

1st James Greenwell 8:07

2nd Tony Weed 8:37

3rd Mike Weed 8:40

Master C

1st Mary Collett 11:35

2nd Margaret Smith 14:52

3rd Suzanne Clarkson 15:37

2nd David manning 10:55

Master D

1st Peter Collett 10:23

SE Region Annual Pentathlon CANCELLED Tuesday, 2nd Jun 2015 Lawrence Moss

It is with great regret that the SE Region has to announce the cancellation of the SE Region annual Pentathlon (scheduled for 27/28 June 2015).    This is because it has insurmountable difficulties with venue availability although suitable bookings were in place.    This is unfortunately completely outside the control of the SE Region.   We offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.     The SE Region is now looking to re-scheduling this competition to an alternative date.

Non-Executive Director Recruitment Wednesday, 6th May 2015 Eleanor Guest

Pentathlon GB is the national governing body for the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon which involves five disciplines; fencing, swimming, riding, running and shooting.  We are highly successful in winning Olympic and World Championship medals, including at London 2012 and the World Championships 2014.  We have been successful in securing and maintaining funding to support our participation and world class aspirations for the 2013-17 funding cycle and are now looking to achieve major ambitions by growing our sport and continuing its sustained success internationally. 


We are looking to recruit Non-Executive Directors to the Board. There are two current vacancies with a further two posts becoming vacant after Rio 2016.

In particular we are looking for Independent Directors with specific skills and experience in one or more of the following areas: accountancy, legal, HR, commercial, marketing, social media and communications and sports development.

These are voluntary positions, with travel expenses paid.  

The Board

The Board consists of ten Non-Executive Directors plus the Chief Executive Officer and the National Performance Director.  They meet six times a year, usually in London, and attend at least one of the five national domestic competitions held each year.

The Role

The role will require a time commitment of 10 - 15 days per year. The following accountabilities reflect the role:

  • Constructively formulate Pentathlon GB’s strategic aims, ensuring that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for us to meet our objectives.
  • Provide leadership within a framework of effective controls which enable risk to be assessed and managed.
  • Set our values and standards and ensure that our obligations to our members and others (including funders) are understood and met.
  • Scrutinise the performance of the Senior Management Team in meeting agreed goals and objectives and monitor management reporting.
  • Satisfy yourself as to the integrity of the company’s financial information and reports provided to the Board; and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and appropriate.
  • Constantly establish and maintain confidence in the conduct and performance of the company and, through it, the national governing body.


Person Specification

Our ideal candidates will have:

  • Success and seniority in a professional career with experience of a high level of accountability.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work effectively within the Board and knowledge of how a Board should operate.
  • The highest standards of corporate governance, integrity  and management.
  • The ability to listen sensitively to the views of others, inside and outside the Board, displaying good judgement and decisiveness in pressured circumstances and the skills and experience to influence decision making.
  • A proven ability to operate and plan at a strategic level.


Pentathlon GB is an equal opportunities employer and positively encourages applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief. We recruit openly and without discrimination.

How to Apply

Applicants should apply by email to the Company Secretary Ellie Guest in confidence with a CV, a supporting reference (or at least the identity of a referee who we may approach) and any other relevant information.

Closing Date

28 May 15


19 June in London, or on an alternative date in agreement with the interview panel.

Recruitment for Two Part Time Pentathlon Development Officers Thursday, 16th Apr 2015 Eleanor Guest

Roles:            Pentathlon Development Officer East and South East

                      Pentathlon Development Officer South and South West

Reports to:    National Development Manager

Location:       Both roles are regional but usually home based or at an agreed location with a requirement to travel

Salary:           £24,000 - £26,000 pro rata plus benefits

Hours:            Part time 20 hours per week (with flexibility to meet the needs of the organisation)

Please note the role requires a clear DBS check

Pentathlon GB is the national governing body for the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon which involves five disciplines; fencing, swimming, riding, running and shooting.  It’s an exciting time to join the team as we move forward to year three of delivering the Whole Sport Plan, having exceeded expectations for year two. 

We are a passionate and enthusiastic team, committed to raising the profile of the Modern Pentathlon and with major ambitions to grow the sport at grassroots level: to help us do this we are looking to recruit two experienced and dynamic individuals to join Development team.  One to work in the East and South East Regions and the other to cover the South and South West Regions.

Role Summary

The main development aims for these roles are:

  1. To provide opportunities for supporting the development of the English Talent Programme at regional and national levels.
  2. To increase the number of people participating in the sport of Modern Pentathlon and in particular competing in the different competition formats of the sport from Biathlon to Pentathlon.
  3. Translate the national strategy into action through co-ordination of coaches and organisers at a local level and to maximise opportunities to build capacity in the sport.
  4. To support the areas with identified priority hot spots.


Person Specification

We are looking for driven and enthusiastic individuals with a proven experience of developing sport, excellent people skills and the ability to deliver on objectives.  This should include the ability to demonstrate experience in the of the following areas:

  • Able to demonstrate a good understanding of the sporting structures in Great Britain.
  • Previous experience of developing sport and encouraging participation.
  • Able to demonstrate previous experience in managing projects, setting goals and achieving results.
  • Able to form effective relationships and partnerships to enable the delivery of projects.
  • Able to demonstrate an understanding of coordinating and managing teams of people.
  • Proven ability to effectively work as part of a team and if necessary be able to use initiative and lead peers when required.


The full job description and competency profile for the East and South East role can be found here and for the South and South West here.

Pentathlon GB is an equal opportunities employer and positively encourages applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

If you would like an informal discussion about this opportunity please contact National Development Manager Rebecca Gibson on 07720 591421 or

How to Apply

To apply please send your CV and covering letter detailing why you are suitable for the role plus the equality monitoring form to by 1700 on Wednesday 13 May 2015. 

Interview Dates

Interviews are likely to take place on 26 or 27 May 2015.

President Bridget Robbie
01689 856903
email Bridget
Chair Timothy Fraser
email Timothy
Secretary Andrew Inkester
020 8642 5781
email Andrew
Treasurer Nick Bright
01342 311354
email Nick
Board Member Sheena Moss
01474 703028
07850 415507
email Sheena
Board Member Bill Bland
020 8300 5247
07956 652108
email Bill
Board Member Lawrence Moss
01474 703028
07810 543621
email Lawrence
Board Member Christina Hales
07736 074546
email Christina
Competitions Secretary Kim Myatt
01634 254463
email Kim


Date Event Closing Date
17/10/2015 South East Region Biathlon Championships
Venue: Medway Park

Contact: Bill Bland ,

This is a qualifying competition for the British Modern Biathlon Championships (28th & 29th November 2015) and the British Schools’ Modern Biathlon Championships (19th & 20th March 2016). It has automatic qualifying places for BOTH of the British Championships. The swim is in a 25m, 6 lane pool and the run on a tartan track.

For further details of the Modern Biathlon Series 2015/16 including format, how to enter, qualification places available etc. please visit

Entries for the following classes will open online at 11am on 1st September and will be restricted to 600 athletes.  Entries will close once capacity has been reached or the closing date whichever is the sooner.  The competition entry fee is £10 and athletes need to be fully paid up members of Pentathlon GB. 


Age taken as at 31st December 2015

Year of Birth

Run Distance

Swim Distance










































1993 or earlier




1980 or earlier

800/1600 (f/m)






The competition will be organised in accordance with the Pentathlon GB Rules for Modern Biathlon effective 1st September 2015.  These are available from the resources page of the Pentathlon GB website -

This event posted: 05/11/2014 and last updated: 08/09/2015

26/10/2015 Ashford Training Day
Venue: Ashford Prep School

Contact: Miranda Palmer ,

This event posted: 24/09/2015

17/01/2016 SE Region Indoor Triathlon
Venue: TBA

Contact: TBA , TBA , TBA

Further details will be published as available

This event posted: 09/06/2015 and last updated: 15/07/2015

06/03/2016 Regional Triathlon Championships
Venue: TBA

Contact: TBA , TBA , TBA

Further details will appear here

This event posted: 09/06/2015 and last updated: 15/07/2015

19/03 to 20/03/2016 British Schools' Modern Biathlon Championships
Venue: Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Online entries for this event open at 11:00 on 07/01/2016

Contact: Sue Hyde , 07590 444374 ,

To qualify for the British Schools' Modern Biathlon Championships, athletes should enter one of the preliminary competitions being organised between 19th September and 1st December. For more information about the Biathlon Series of Competitions, please visit

This event posted: 09/08/2015

This date is provisional!
SE Region Pentathlon and Tetrathlon
Venue: TBA

Contact: TBA , TBA , TBA

Further details will appear here

This event posted: 09/06/2015 and last updated: 15/07/2015

22/05/2016 Whitgift Schools' Biathlon
Venue: Whitgift School

Contact: Laura Gomersall ,

More information to be released closer to the event!

This event posted: 09/06/2015

09/10/2016 South East Regional Biathlon Championships
Venue: TBA

Contact: TBA , TBA , TBA

Further details will appear here

This event posted: 09/06/2015 and last updated: 03/09/2015

Beacon Swimming Club Carol McCarthy
email Carol
Visit the Club website
Dartford District Swimming Club Kerry Booth
email Kerry
Visit the Club website
Heathfield Community College David Moore
01435 866066
email David
Visit the Club website
North Kent MPC Bill Bland
020 8300 5247
07956 652108
email Bill
Rainham Mark Grammar School Kerrie Clarke
01634 364151
01634 308821
email Kerrie
Visit the Club website
Surrey Modern Pentathlon Club James Deayton
07947 350994
email James
The Granville School Natalie Rendle
Whitgift School Laura Gomersall
email Laura
Visit the Club website
South East