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Schools' Biathlon Championships 2015 - Ranking Lists

The timetables for the Girls' competition on 28th March can be found here and the Boys' competition on 29th March here. For those wishing to take photographs and videos (even with a mobile phone) please complete the Photo/Video Permission form and bring it with you to the event with photo ID.

Ranking lists for the British Schools’ Modern Biathlon Championships are published below. An email will be sent to those people with a valid email address who submitted the original entries for athletes who have qualified, inviting them to enter the Championships. All entries and payments have to be made using the online system which opens at 11.00 on 7th January 2015 and closes at midnight on 23rd February 2015. The entry fee of £35 will be discounted to £30 until midnight on 16th February, so please get your entries in early to take advantage of this ‘early bird’ offer.


On the entry list below, qualifiers are shown as follows:

  1. Individual qualifiers, who gained a place by right at a qualifying competition (County Championships and those which were organised by the Pentathlon GB Regions), have a 'Q' against their name.
  2. Those who have qualified through their place on the 'ranking list' because of their performance at a preliminary competition or the British Modern Biathlon Championships have 'QR' against their name.
  3. For athletes who have competed in more than one preliminary competition (including the British Modern Biathlon Championships 2014), the best combined score has been included on the rankings list. If you have scored the same points over two or more competitions, the score with the best swim time has been used.

If you fall just outside qualification, please continue to monitor the rankings list as you may find that you will still qualify if not all of the entry places are taken up. The rankings list will be updated on a daily basis as we are notified of athletes not wishing to take up their places.

Competition Schedule

Girls will compete on Saturday 28th March and Boys on Sunday 29th March . A timetable together with further details of the event will be published on the website on 2nd March 2015. Please do not contact us requesting registration/finish times for any class before then as we won't be able to give you an answer.

Swim Times

Please note that swim times achieved in a 25m pool have been adjusted to 50m pool swim times.

Ranking List Options

You can either view the rankings list by choosing a competition class or you can view all of the results for a selected school.

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